Sunday, January 31, 2010


Hello To all.
I'm hear again after some Time,let me first wish you guys a very happy new year though a bit late but better late than never.
Over the last few years I have been highly recommended on a number of cruise forums online for Tours i have provided to people Touring Dominica,one of the most popular"cruise critic",I have always done a wonderful Job and always look forward to improving on the last service I provided,to date there hasn't been any negative reviews about me i have known of,however,the amount of request for Tours i got before the last couple of years,i no longer get them as a result of that my business has dropped and I see that as a challenge,I still would like to provide my services to big groups like I've done in the past where I accommodated groups as big as 80 people,while I'm still prepared to do these big group Tours but i see myself as a PRIVATE TOUR SPECIALIST,in that case groups of 4,6 and 8 persons as well as a couple wanting to do a Tour of Dominica just by themselves(privately) I am your man!!!!.
Just to remind you persons wishing to comment on this blog,if your comment is irrelevant,meaning it doesn't have anything to do with the blog please don't comment,if you do it will be DELETED immediately!!!.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Something New for the more Adventurous(the Hikers)

Hi to all!!!!
As a news Cruise season opens on my beautiful Island,I'd like to offer something new in terms of sites,I realize the more popular sites,the Emerald Pool and the Trafalgar Falls are most requested,however,for those of you who've seen the middle ham falls which is an interesting hike and and for new adventurers(Hikers)looking to experience some new adventure,one that will be less crowded as the other Popular sites especially when we have more than one or two ships in port,I'm offering the Glassy trail and off course the Victoria falls,sites which are much more interesting and by doing these sites you'll encounter very few Tourist,imagine having the Glassy trail with a natural jetty of rock formation as a result of volcanic activity many centuries ago all to yourself....
This will give you a more interesting prospective of the Island because it's on the Atlantic side of the Island,(normally the average cruise Tourist would just see the Caribbean sea side of the Island) the wonderful scenery and the village life as well....
I'm hoping I could be your Guide through Paradise,until the next time.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's been a long while!!!!!!!!!

To all who over the last few months visited my website and more specifically my Blog "Beno's BLOG"it's been a very long time since I touched base with you guys and for this, first I would like to apologize to all of you who've been looking forward to me writing on my blog as promised,the reason for this is probably I have not been motivated as such and this because of the volume of the business has dropped,however,I'm still very much involved in continuing to provide my services to the few who still request of me and it's important to note that I still do a very good job,the passion and the energy is still very much with me,in that case I look forward to recieving your numerous request in the up and coming new cruise season which begins sometime in October 2009.
Until the next Time!!!!!!!!!.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Very Happy New year to all..........

Hello all of you Customers.
I would first like to wish all my customers/Clients both past and those to come a very happy new and prosperous 2009,my last blog was sometime around the first week in November,it means therefore I'm some what guilty of not keeping with my promise that I would be blogging every week,which is not like me for that reason i want to apologize,I realize it will be tough writing every week,i have now decided to write monthly.
To all of you who've signed up for my Tours this coming year I'd like to say thanks much while i look forward anxiously to meeting all of you when you all get to my beautiful Island Dominica,to all of you who were booked towards to end of the year and came I'd like to say thanks much for coming your presents here on Island was truly appreciated both for economic and affording me the opportunity to once again having you guys see Dominica through my eyes,I look forward to you all returning in the not too distant future as I'll be more that happy to take you around my beautiful Island Dominica this Time for a few more days not just a few hours.
I look forward i hope to talk to all of you especially the prospective visitors in a months time until then.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Touching base with everyone....

Hi to all.
After some time I'm back with my latest blog,the cruise season is with us here in Dominica,it has been a bit slow for now as compared to other years but I'm sure it will pick up as the days go bye.
Over the last couple of weeks the weather has been excellent on our beautiful Island and cruise visitors have been enjoying their short stay here,as you know it's has been really a pleasure for me to take visitor around my beautiful Island Dominica,and for those of you who've booked and confirm Tours with the Beno Tours for the coming months should get in touch with me soon so as to reconfirm your bookings.
I also want to encourage all of you prospective visitors to my beautiful nature island Dominica to get your Tour booked and confirm with BENO Tours "Your Guide Through Paradise"I will be more than happy to serve all of you professionally.
Just more thing it's also important to note that the site pass fees has moved from US$2.00pp to US$5.00pp per site.
Kind Regards.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Looking forward to the new season....

Hi again to all it's been a while since I last posted a new article,I'm happy to announce that I'm in the mist of making preparation for the new cruise season which will commence on the 25th of this month,I believe it will be an exiting season,therefore I look forward to providing my services to you all prospective visitors to my beautiful Island Dominica,please folks get in your bookings.
From what i understand we the people of Dominica will be putting on a massive display of our Cultures and music on the water front(pier) at 4.30pm after all of you folks will be back from some sort of Tour of the interior where the real beauty of the Island lies
Looking forward to meeting all of you visitors on October 25th and beyond.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The final call........

Hi folks.
It's been a while now since I spoke to you,in fact I promised I would be with you on a weekly basis,for reasons I could not be with you last week and for that I want to apologize.
Here on our beautiful Island we just had the carnival destiny which made it's final call yesterday,for the next 4 or so weeks we won't be privileged to have any other cruise ship calling to our beautiful Island,therefore,while this will serve as a break for some a much needed rest, but for most it will be certainly a slow period financially,the Cruise season will again be opened during the winter months and I look forward to all of you prospective customers traveling to the Caribbean and especially Dominica the nature capital of the world, we welcome all of you to our beautiful Island an would like to provide our services to you,until then.